Simple, affordable health insurance for you and your family

Tired of paying for routine, day-to-day healthcare expenses out of your own pocket? With the affordable, flexible coverage underwritten by Great-West Life, you'll gain the added confidence of knowing that many of your health-related expenses, both routine and unexpected, will be covered.


Plan Features 

Flexible, affordable coverage

Understanding that different families and individuals have different needs, your plan allows you to choose both the type and amount of coverage you want. That way you'll pay only for the coverage you really want and need.

Protection that's right for you and your family

Choose from 5 different plan design's that best suit your lifestyle and budget, or create your own plan based on a variety of OPTIONAL COVERAGES with you unique plan design.

Coverage is tailored to your province

Provincial health insurance plans differ across Canada. Recognizing this, your new plan adjusts the coverage from province to province so you'll have the protection you need from routine or unexpected health care expenses – no matter where you reside.

Comprehensive coverage – Whatever your focus

The Plan offers you coverage for prescription drugs, dental services, or a combination of both. Most plans include vision care, and a wide range of extended health care benefits, such as registered specialists and therapists, hearing aids, homecare and nursing and more.

Portable coverage that follows you wherever you go

Your individual health insurance plan isn't tied to an employer. That means you'll "own" your coverage as long as you want – regardless of any changes in your employment or health in the future.

Enhanced coverage for those 65 or better

Recognizing that you may have special health priorities, your plan offers enhanced coverage in the areas where you may need it most.